Does This Have Any Bearing On It?

2001 Taurus about 70k miles. Had noise coming from front left,(kind of a whine-whoo,whoo,whoo type noise) Took it to my mechanic, said LH wheel bearing very rough; replaced bearing and hub assy. Noise is still there, mechanic suggested it was from the tires. Tires were just replaced about 6 months ago,less than 10k on them alignment done then also. Noise seems louder on smooth roads, no vibration etc. in steering wheel and no pulling to one side or other. Any ideas??

Tread separation can occur in new or old tires…When defective tires are spun on a balancing machine, the operator can usually see the distorted tread area as the tire rotates…

I’ll also add I just drove this car on vacation (about 2k miles) and it drove and ran great with exception of the noise.

Its also the case that bearing noise can be elusive in terms of pinning down the bad wheel. Do you know how the shop diagnosed it as left front? Does the noise change at all when you turn the steering wheel? If so, specify.

I assume he listened and felt it while turning it, but not sure. Just stated it “was very rough”. As a matter of fact it does make a difference in direction it’s turned. It’s noisier when turning to the left, such as on a curve, quieter to the right.

Rotate the tires and see if the noise moves. If so, then it’s a tire or wheel issue.

If it gets quieter when you turn right then it points to the passenger side bearing.

I would not, however, go on to assume that the driver’s side didn’t need to be replaced. Wheel bearings very often get replaced in pairs - installed at the same time, worn the same way over time. You probably just needed both rather than only one side.

If you are told the passenger’s side didn’t show problems on inspection (like spinning the wheel off the ground), it isn’t always the case that you can find the problem without the weight of the car on it.

Make sure, however, that the rears are checked as well. Those sounds can be hard to pinpoint and the association with turning right won’t tell you about front or rear.

Thanks, I may have that backwards. I’ll check again next time I drive it.

A dragging brake can also cause this type of issue.

Either way, with a clear change in noise on turning a bearing is always a prime suspect (though not the only one). If you find that you had it backwards then look to the rear driver’s side.

Come to think of it I forgot to mention that the noise does get louder when braking.