Got a replacement tire; now hear a grinding sound when turning

I had one Yokohama, and three Toyo tires with similar tread on my 1997 Saturn SL2. When one of my Toyos was slashed, I got a second Yokohama tire to replace it, and was advised to move my existing Yokohama to match the axle. All and all, three wheels were moved when I went the mechanic: the spare; and the two pre-existing tires for the benefit of the axle. Now, I have all functional tires, but I hear a brand new grinding noise when I turn. It sounds like it’s coming from the wheels. Sometime it is inconspicuous, and sometimes it is loud enough that people turn their heads and look. Does anyone have a sense of what it could be? Any idea if it’s unsafe?

Thank you very much!

Are the front tires the correct width? Check your owner’s manual for the allowed sizes. If they’re too wide, they could be rubbing on something when you turn.