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Noise - right front wheel

Hello everyone,
So, I would appreciate any help with this issue to best inform myself before going in to the mechanic. My thanks in advance.
My right front tire has been making a noise like 2 pieces of metal are touching. Not quite a grinding but maybe more like a squealing. It starts slowly at low speeds and then faster at high speeds. If I brake the sound goes away, but then slowly starts coming back. Could anyone have an idea what this might be?

I checked other posts…sorry doesn’t seem to fit with those. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

The noise you hear could be the brake pad wear indicators coming in contact with the brake rotors.

You can see metal tabs here.

These will make a scrapping noise, and sometimes stop making noise when the brakes are applied.



+1 for Tester on this one.


Yep, plus 2. Classic for the brake pad indicators telling you its time to put new brake pads on.


Plus three.
Your symptom would be typical.

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Thank you all! I greatly appreciate the help!