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Metalic Squeaking When Brakes Are Not Engaged?

When driving at low speeds, I’m getting getting a squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. The squeaking gets faster as I accelerate going straight, while taking a left turn or left merging, but does not squeak while taking right turns. Additionally, the squeaking stops when I even slightly engage the breaks. What do we thinks going on? The brake pads are definitely old. The sound also seems to be coming from the front. Any help would be appreciated!

Sounds like the squealers on the brakes are warning you that the pads are worn, time to replace them

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That sounds like the wear indicator on your brakes is hitting the rotor, a warning of sorts to get your brakes serviced. If you are handy, and can SAFELY jack up your car, I would start with the right wheel, raise it up off the ground and spin it-you should be able to duplicate the noise.

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You need to replace the brake pads . . . I’m assuming you have front rotors and rear drums. I’m assuming, because you didn’t give us a model year. But for now I assume all Honda Fits have front rotors and rear drums

Your audible wear indicators are contacting the rotor . . . that’s why you’re hearing the noise

While you’re at it, check the thickness of the rotors. If they’re already below discard thickness, replace them, as well

Does the brake pedal pulsate when you apply the brakes at freeway speeds?

If the answer is yes, replace the rotors, even if they’re not below discard thickness


Yup, it’s unanimous… your brake wear indicators are telling you that you need a brake job.

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The community has spoken. Brake pads it is. Really appreciate everyone’s answer. Cheers.

And perhaps rotors.
The shop that does the job will either change the rotors too or evaluate the rotors with a visual and by checking “lateral runout” with a gage. Most by far will simply change them. Expect that.

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