Scraping noise

2000 Mercury Villager. Need help with a noise in the left front wheel area only. Listened to both sides and zero noise on the right side. It’s a metallic scraping noise. It’s increase frequency as you speed up much like a train does as it speeds up. And stops when you push on the brakes. Doesn’t seem to be related to steering.

The noise you hear might be caused by a brake pad wear indicator coming in contact with the rotor on that side. Which indicates the brakes are worn.

Time for a brake inspection.


+1, for @Tester

That’s how those wear indicators are supposed to work. Give you and annoying noise so you will go have it checked out. Go soon and the repair will be brake pads only and possibly just machined rotors. Put it off too long and those rotors will need to be replaced and maybe calipers, too at a higher cost.