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Mysterious squeeky front wheel - w/ video

helppp… i have the most annoying high-pitched squeak/whine coming from my front left tire

for those who cant see the video, its making a high pitched, metal on metal noise… at all speeds… especially when making slight turns… my foot was not on the brake when the video was taken (coasting around the parking lot at around 10 mph)

What you might be hearing is the brake pad wear indicator coming in contact with the rotor.

A front brake inspection will confirm that.



thanks, I definitely plan to get an inspection done. I’ll provide an update asap - any other possibilities tho?

Could be a wheel bearing too, but unlikely. Concur w/Tester above, brakes are wearing parts and are designed to be relatively easy to replace, & that’s the place to start. They put gadgets in the brakes to alert the driver with a squeal when they approach their wear limits.

I hear a rumble (wind noise past a mike?0 but no squeak. Of course I don’t hear my wife half the time either :slight_smile:

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