No, the hoses aren't accessible for pliers, to me

The problem: Chevrolet Ventura minivan, with a rear heater, has two heater hoses in a recess which I need to disconnect. Each hose has two clips which one would depress to release the hose, if one could. There isn’t clearance to use pliers (thought of that) to do the “pressing” and releasing of the hose.

A U-shaped tool, at right angles to its handle, would fit the bill, I think. I can make one; but, I would rather buy one already made (Why re-invent the wheel?). Googling has not reveiled one.

Have you seen this critter? Part number/supplier?

Check auto parts stores like O’ReilLy’s.
MAYHEW makes a cable operated plier for hose clamps. A gun shaped plier with a foot of cable to a sqeezing trap at the end. Several models to pick from. See /product catalog / hose clamp pliers page 17.

If this is a one time job, check tool loan programs at parts places like Auto Zone and others, for the same cable pliers.

This tool would do the job.


Unfortunately, clamps aren’t the problem. The hose clamp pliers (page 18) won’t help with the hose quick press-to-release disconnect; nor, will the Lisle tool (Tester).
Here is the type of quick disconnect hose which I can’t access in their recess: Scroll down 3 or 4 pages. (A picture is worth a thousand somethings).

Something like this?


Thanks for the lead, Tester. That tool is listed as being for heater hoses on Chrysler and Ford. It might work on GM. It’s the right idea.
Here is a fuller set of hose and line remover tools that a lot of people would like to have for occasional use (and, the $35 price isn’t bad, either):