No power to the fuse box

I have a 1989 Caprice and it is getting no power at the fusebox. I am wondering why it is not getting power. I just got a new battery so I know it is not that. I used a volt meter to check and make sure it is putting out. I just dont have any clue why it is not getting any.

Disconnect the battery, and down by the starter solenoid look for any fusible links that may have burned out.

These will be wires off the solenoid with thick rubber sections. Squeeze these thick rubber sections and if one falls apart, that’s what’s preventing power from getting to the fuse box.


Along with checking the fusible links under hood the trouble could also be with the ignition switch.

Thanks y’all. I work oujt of town and will be gone for 2 weeks but I will check this stuff when I get back and I will let you all know after I check them.

Well it was just that battery cables and the terminal were corroded and crumbly. SO now it starts and runs but the headlights, dome, dash light, radio and ac don’t work.