No electricity

I’ve replaced my battery, all spark plugs, serpentine belt, and alternator. The car does not receive any power. No lights or electricity flowing at all. I’ve tested the battery and it has a charge pushing out proper voltage, there seems to be a current to the alternator as well. I’ve also tried jumping the battery but nothing happens.

Why did you replace the battery? Did you have those problem with the old battery?

Did you check the fuses in the fuse box? The one under the hood? What kind of car, year and mileage?

Are the cables firmly connected to the battery terminals? How about the end of the ground that goes to the body of the car? What’s the condition of the said cables?

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I have a 2004 Chevy Impala. I replaced the battery because it would not hold a charge. I’ve checked the fuses but I’m unsure which fuse I should be checking exactly. Is there one directly related to the battery

Yes, the terminals are attached as firmly as possible. I’ll Have to check the end of the ground wire

Check if the fusible link at the starter solenoid is burned.


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There is one called “battery run down protection”.

If I’m not mistaken I’m seeing two fusible links. One to the starter and another to the alternator. I check the voltage for both and I’m getting 13.12. If the starter solenoid fusible link is bad how would I change it or diagnose it as bad?

There are two positive supply cables coming from the battery. One goes directly to the starter. The other feeds the underhood fuse block. There are no fusible links in those cables. Check for voltage at the starter and the stud(s) at the underhood fuse block. If there is no power at all to the vehicle, the feed to the fuse block would be suspect. If there is power at the top stud, check at the bottom stud. If there is no power there, there may be an internal open in the fuse block.

There is a fusible link from the fuse block stud (I think) that feeds the starter crank relay.

There are two ground cables from the battery. One connects to the frame rail somewhere near/under the battery. The other is at the lower left of the engine, on the automatic transaxle stud, near the starter. Check for integrity of those connections and continuity of the cables.

Other fusible links include to the alternator and to the EBCM. The electrical diagram shows those two links originating at the starter connection. I can’t verify that for sure. Another diagram shows fusible links at the underhood fuse block stud.