77' Chevy C10 no power

I drove home from work this morning and parked my truck. I just now tried to start it and nothing, no power at all. I put another battery in it and still nothing. I took off and cleaned the positive lead to the starter seloniod, and the negative ground to the block, still nothing. None of the under dash fuses are blown. I am not getting power at all(no radio, lights, etc). Any ideas?

Any under the hood fuses, fusible links, main 80 or 100A fusible link? All should be checked.

I’m not getting power past the seloniod, could that be it?

I thought you meant everything was dead… I’m guessing you have dash lights, but no power to the starter. If you have traced it to the solenoid, that is probably it. I think most chain stores will test the starter for you if you pull it.

All electrical connections are made at the solenoid. On the terminal with the battery cable are seceral smaller wires. These are fusible links. If the wire to the alternator shorts out it will melt the insulation to the other wires and burn all the fusible links. I have moved all the wires with in line fuses to the battery on older GMs. It’s much easier than working from the bottom where the manifold (on V8s) makes for repeated short circuits and a confined working area.