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'91 Civic - Power Problem

It’s dark out, no flashlight, Car Battery is dead. I have a portable jump starter, but mixed up positive/negative terminals. I’m lucky the battery didn’t explode, but no surprise, the car won’t start at all. I had the battery checked, and apparently it’s fine. I’ve replaced most of the fuses but still no power whatsoever. What else might have been fried? (cheapest to most expensive). I’m not afraid to rip apart a dead car, to try to solve the problem. All I lack is the direction to go. All thoughts regarding the problem at hand are welcome.

Check the fusible links - these should be located near the battery somewhere. Might need to check a service manual for exact location. Are you sure the portable jump starter allows current to flow when you have the polarity switched? Mine doesn’t.

The lack of electrical power may not be a new problem; but, a continuing problem. There is a fuse, relay, and fusible link box under the hood. Check those. These fusible links look like large fuses (in the box). Here is a link to tell you about them: On that page you can click on the menu for Circuit Protection. It will bring up a page about the fuses inside the car.