Chevy s10 1996 No Power

Hello! My chevy s10 will not start! No power is getting to the dash or anything. No starter kicking on or anything. We’ve changed the ignition lock cylinder , the ignition switch, and checked if the battery was good. Anything else to look at that could be causing issues? Thank you!

Check the positive battery cable for corrosion.


And what I mean by that is, peel the cover from the terminals to expose where they’re crimped onto the cable.



Went out and cleaned them. There wasn’t much corrosion. Still nothing.

Check if the fusible link from the battery is burned.


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currently looking for where they’re located.

I believe that fusible link is a section of fusible wire. If so it is the first ~6 inches of a blue primary wire with a large plastic permanent connector attaching it to the Blue wire with a red stripe as shown in @Tester’s schematic. Such fusible links are sold at all parts stores. If that seems to be the problem buy several as you might be replacing it repeatedly until you find the cause for the burn out.

And testing that fusible link wire with a light or a VOM meter will often result in a false “good” indication because enough current to register may be passed but not enough to operate the circuit.

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Ordered a light tester. Im blind as a bat I can’t seem to find the fusible link! Will keep looking today.

There are two main fusible links, one in the wire going from the battery to the alternator and the other is in the wire from the alternator to the junction block.

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This is fusible link

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One end of the link should be tied to the positive battery post connection. The drawing shows the link is a blue colored wire that is connected to a black/red wire that ties to the main distribution panel under the hood.

Look again.

The dashed line between the battery and the fusible link means that may not be the actual connection.

It may be at the starter.


That wiring diagram is for a 1991 C1500, the S10 is different.

Update: We found a cut wire that runs from the patter positive terminal. (The one with the electrical tape at the end as it threw sparks when moved)

Seems like the one that runs to the alternator but unsure?

On the end of that wire it appears that someone taped the wire to the fuse link. a new fuse link should be soldered in.

no we put electrical tape over it cause it was live. so there should be a fuse link at the end of this wire?

Or were you talking about at the other end where it connects to the positive terminal?

There should be a fuse link between the end of that wire and the alternator. Remove the broken wire from the alternator and examine it.

Will do tomorrow! Thank you!

After seeing the photograph of the wire connection it is no wonder you are having a problem. I suggest you replace that whole connection with something new. You need to find the other end of those wires. Hopefully there are fusible links to tie to. If you don’t have any links in place you would be wise to install them.

To: @Tester and @Nevada_545
I see what you are saying guys and thanks for the notice. I didn’t pay close enough attention to the details.