2006 G6 2.4L will not charge after alternator and starter replacement


Car stopped running the other day (was unable to start) figured it was the battery…replaced the battery…still nothing…replaced the starter and alternator…still wont start.

It will start with a jump start but will stall after jump cables are disconnected.

In other words, it will not run off alternator.

I looked at the relays and fuses that all appear to be good.

I have heard there is a couple of fusible links inline with the electrical cabling to and from the alternator.

Does anybody know their location and where to get replacement fusible links for this car?

Your help is most appreciated.

Check if the fusible link from the alternator fried.


Your second and third sentences don’t make sense. If it runs with jumper cables but stops when they are disconnected, it means that neither your battery nor your alternator will keep the engine running. Get the battery issue sorted out first. Will it hold a charge, or is it dead out of the box? If it will hold a charge and start and run the car , then find out why the alternator is not charging it.

Thanks for the reply…I appreciate it.

After further inspection it appears the tech who installed the starter connected the green fusible link cable from the B+ terminal on the alternator to the M terminal on the starter.

I took off the fusible link cable and it was tested and is carrying current through it.

Before I do anything with the cable, I want to verify the fusible link cable should be connected from the B+ on the alternator to the B power terminal on the switch, not the M terminal.

Thanks for your assistance.

When I’ve encountered this symptom in the past, it’s been the fusable link, as Tester noted.
I can’t speak for your B or M terminal without looking studying your switch wiring.

The fusible link should be attached to the same stud and the positive battery cable. The stud is a junction point to deliver alternator output to the battery via the positive starter cable.