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Car will not start. New battery. No power. Will not turn over

My father tried to jump start my 1994 GMC Jimmy and it began smoking at the jumper cables and battery. We removed the cables. The battery was completely dead. So we went to get a new battery. Now the car has no power whatsoever. No lights, and will not even attempt to turn over. I was told that the car may be dead, for good. That perhaps the electrical is fried. Is there anything I can check to see if this is not the case. Do I need to check the alternator, or change the fusable link? I have no idea and could use some help. Thanks.

At least check the fusible link…I jumped started a car the wrong way and it blew…

How do I check it? Or should I say, what should I be looking for on the fusible link to know that it is the problem?

Take a look at the positive battery cable assembly.

The battery on your GM vehicle has the side mount battery terminals. And on the positive cable assembly where it connects to the battery is a red rubber cover where corrosion can form underneath. Peel back this red rubber cover from the positive battery cable connection and check the terminals for corrosion and burning.


It sounds like you reversed the polarity when you attempted the jump-start…This can do serious damage to several components including the engine control computer and alternator. I would have it towed to a shop that’s good with electrical problems like this…With most GM vehicles of this vintage, the fusible links are connected to the starter on the same post as the positive cable from the battery. From here, they feed the fuse block and ignition switch…Good Luck…

It sounds like you reversed the polarity when you attempted the jump-start.

I agree. I once had a dealer do that for me. The mechanic tried to tell me and the service writer (this service writer really knew cars) that it would be OK if they just tried it again, but connecting them properly. The second time smoke where everywhere. I got a new generator, starter and a nice warranty.