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Vehicle lossed total power

Driving down the road, vehicle lost all electrical power and died. There doesn’t appear to be any juice at all to start it. The battery is fine (along with the terminals), the starter is okay too (although I don’t see why that would affect total electrical flow). There were not any alarms on the vehicle. Is it the fuse box (negative terminal) or possibly the alternator? The alternator had been charging, and the battery showed that it had juice left in it. What would cause the vehicle to just die like that, in the middle of driving it? It’s an LS type blazer with a 4.3 L engine.



How do you know that the starter is fine if you have no power to the vehicle?

I would guess a fuse somewhere assuming you’ve properly checked the battery and connectors.

No, it’s not the alternator if your battery is really fine, because if the alternator dies the battery can’t charge.

What’s the year, my 2000 Blazer has the Passlock alarm standard. What is the battery voltage across the terminals measured with a multimeter? Were both ends of each battery cable checked? I’ve noticed corrosion builds up quicker on the Blazer’s positive terminal than any other car I’ve owned.

You need a test light probe to check for power getting to the power panel under the hood. If you don’t have power to the fuses there then check the battery connection to the panel and the ground connection to the chassis. If that area is ok then move on to the fuse panel under the dash and the ignition switch. Make sure all the fuses and fusible links are ok. You should also clean the battery connections using a battery terminal cleaning brush.