Nissan Rogue (2010) stereo died...options?self repair/replacement?

So my car stereo (center console) had been cutting in and out at random times, spoke to a tech from the garage and it seems like a lose connection is really really unlikely, that most likely the stereo is just on its way out.

So left with the option of replacing it, with a help of a somewhat mechanically inclined friend.

Am I better off buying a used stereo for the ride from eBay? A kit and a stereo?

Is this a big task to replace/not worth it and simply go without a stereo?

It’s a Nissan Rogue 2010,.

Thanks guys.

A used stereo from EBAY does not even make sense. Try Crutchfields . com or have it looked at by a real audio shop. I have no idea what tech from garage means. With the way electronics in vehicles are tied together why consider a DIY that might end up costing more than having a professional do it right the first time. Besides if they short some thing out it is their problem.

I’m sorry if you took offense to my post.

I just had the car at the car repair shop after a slight accident, and when II asked about the car stereo the response the the car technician gave that with that type of stereo, it was highly unlikely to be a loose connection. Unfortunately I’m not anywhere near a actual audio shop so I’m stick with the idea of a car garage to replace a stereo.

I just looked up older steros for my model of car from eBay thinking it might be a easier swap then a car kit+a cheap stereo.

Pardon my ignorance here. Just a guy on a budget with little car no how.

I’d want to somehow make sure it wasn’t a loose wire. Hate to replace the stereo and have the problem remain. Any way to duplicate the cutting out? If you have a rubber mallet you might try hitting various areas of the dash and doors with the radio on, see if you can make it cut out.

If it is the radio, I’d go to and see what they offer for your Rogue. You can get a new one, a compatible wire harness, and car-specific instructions that will show you the steps needed. I did that, worked great.

You could look at BestBuy they do car audio. I don’t know why you think I was offended. I just hate to see people tear into things that could cost more than they tried to save.

It flashe on every blue moon, seems related to when I turn the wheel to the extrems but that could be just sheer luck. Been basically dead 97% of the time for past 3-4 months.

I’ll try the mallet but have no been able to replicate the flashing on with a smack thus far.

As far as crutchfeild goes…they list compatible stereo. Do it include the kick for fitting in? Instructions?

Seems to suggest tools/accessories needed but nothing about kits or braces suggested.

They included everything I needed. You might give them a call.

Seems to suggest tools/accessories needed but nothing about kits or braces suggested.

Buying from Crutchfield - the unit comes with a complete install kit (brackets, braces, screws and bolts - if needed) and wiring harness so you don’t have to splice any wires. Also complete instructions and what tools you’ll need. And a 24 hour hot line if you get into trouble.

I’ve done a few crutchfield installs…and they all came out looking and sounding great. Most were very simple. Instructions were very detailed - written for each different vehicle and trim level.

I doubt its a fuse issue since no other electronal systems beyond the radio are affected and the radio cuts in on a rare occasion.

Replace the fuse with a known good one, just to be sure. They can (rarely) do what you report, and they’re CHEAP!

But would a fuse be suspected when it cuts in amnd out? Wouldn’t it be a dead and stay dead situation?

Here’s another vote for since they usually include the install kit. Without it…you will be cutting and splicing wires which should never be done on a computerized vehicle.

A fuse is $0.50, a radio is $100+. Why not try the cheap easy fix first?

But would a fuse be suspected when it cuts in amnd out? Wouldn't it be a dead and stay dead situation?

More and likely it’s NOT the fuse. But I’ve seen weirder things…for $0.50 it’s worth a try.

Yep, I’m recommending the fuse based on experience…painful experience.

What I’d do is remove the radio, power it up on the bench using a power supply or spare car battery, hook up some spare speakers (or remove the speakers from the car), and see if it works like that. You may discover it works fine and the problem is the wiring from the radio to the speakers is all. Easy enough to fix.

Or you may discover there’s no problem if you are only using the front left/right speakers, but something wrong with the back speaker system. Or visa versa. So then wire it up to just use the whichever speakers work, no need to buy a new radio, with a little compromise in audio quality, problem solved.

If you’re not quite experienced enough of a diy’er to try all that, then buying a new radio is a good option too. The advice above about Crutchfields is excellent. In my area there are a couple of retail stores that have a very good selection of car stereos in stock, and working examples on display. That’s where I’d probably go first, at least to scope out what’s available. Many of them are very reasonably priced I’ve notices, less than $75.

If I was replacing my car stereo one feature I’d definitely get is where you can plug a usb memory stick into a usb slot on the radio and have it play the mp3 files stored on that stick. That way you can load up the music and talk programs (like Car Talk) you like once a week or once a month and listen to exactly what you’re interested in.

Note 1: If you want that usb-play-mp3-files feature, the fact that a radio contains a usb slot doesn’t necessarily imply it will play the mp3 files stored. Sometimes those are just charging slots, like to charge your I-phone.

Note 2: Good idea to inquire at a dealership shop before starting on all this, b/c some newer cars require an OEM radio to be present. Otherwise the car may not even start.

Best kind guys. Once I get home (out of town at the moment) I’ll open it up a check the fuses since from what u can tell based on guides , accessing the engine bay fuse box requires a little bit of work.

The radio fuse will be in the fusebox in your passenger cabin. Check your owner’s manual.

The fusebox under the hood will contain other fuses and relays.

And… Sigh. It was just a simple fuse I overlooked… (Yes…I feel that stupid atm)