Car stereo

ok so i’m thinking of replacing my 2005 pontiac vibe factory installed radio.i love how theres a knob for the volume and frequeny car stereos only have knob for volume.whats a good unit with knobs plus aux or bluetooth? also which place to get it?

Crutchfield supplies instructions and the proper adapters for any car stereos they sell.

Ed B.

Crutchfield also has on-line and telephone support if you get stuck.

3rd vote for Crutchfield, they provided a good unit for our 2007 Forester, along with the needed cables and clear Forester-specific instructions. I use them any time I need car audio.

4th vote here. Good prices, very good knowledge, and their wiring harness adapters are so much nicer than fooling around trying to figure out which wire goes where in the new stereo.

Count me in as a fifth vote. Never had a problem dealing with the company and their simple adapters are almost worth the price of the radios.