Looking to replace stereo head in 2009 Forester X Limited

I’ve never replaced a car stereo and have no clue what to look for as far as compatibility goes. My '09 Forester has a am/fm/sat. radio hookup/ 6 cd changer. Do I have to look for a specific stereo head other than it being a 2-DIN?

Does anyone have suggestions for a good starting point? I’d like to be able to continue using the aux port that is in my center console, and I would like a USB port that I can plug a Galaxy S4 into. Other than that, I’d like to stick to a sub-$140 price tag.

Go to Crutchfield.com and find the compatible head units. We did that for our 2007 Forester, and also got the adapter cable and instructions. No problems installing it.

Looking at crutchfield there’s pages of options for this vehicle for less than $140 some include the installation kit and others it’s only $15. You can put in your year/make/model and then they will show you what fits easily. Not sure if you can still use the aux in the console but many include one in the head unit as well as a USB.

Awesome. Thanks for the above replies texases and OlyDoug. Any suggestions for brand preference on the head unit and possible speakers?

Are you planning on doing this yourself or taking the car to a shop to work on it?

Since you’ve never done this before, I’d recommend taking it to a car audio shop and have them install it for you. Crutchfield does give you installation instructions, but a shop will be more familiar with problems that may occur during installation, and will probably have a warranty on their parts/labor if you buy their products. If you do it yourself, any problems that crop up because you forgot to hook something back up will be on your dime to diagnose and repair.

Also, going to a shop before you buy anything will give you an idea of what things look like when they work, and give you a chance to play around with things before you buy. See how ergonomic the controls are while you act like you’re driving your car. A $140 stereo might be ok, but if the controls are clunky and unworkable, is it really worth it if a $200 one is better all around?

There are reviews on crutchfield’s site so you can find out what they liked or didn’t like about a particular unit. From past experience you can call Crutchfield if you run into any problems during the installation or even afterwards, you will get a phone number to call for any tech support needs 24/7. The best reviews seem to be for the Pioneer&Sony models with a few others mixed in. According to what I’m seeing on the site you won’t be able to use the factory Aux port but some of them have a aux port on the front of the unit.