2016 Toyota Camry - $900 for a new radio?

No sound coming out in radio- Dealership wants $900 to fix? Just bought the car a year ago

Any good stereo shop can replace this for a lot less . You are out of warranty and dealerships don’t repair radios, they replace.


But it was 3 years old when you bought it and it is 4 years old now. Stuff breaks, sorry. Agree with @VOLVO_V70 Have it replaced and a car stereo shop.

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To see what your options are, I’d go to the Crutchfield website and see what fits your Camry. Make sure you select the correct year/model/options currently on your car.


Yeah, Crutchfield is your friend here. I’d guess you can probably get a comparable, or even better radio for $200 or less and install it yourself.

Or try Best Buy, though you’ll likely have to pay them to install it.

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I would avoid aftermarket, even from a good company like Crutchfield, and get a compatible used radio from a Toyota - on line or from a local recycler. Aftermarket electronics have too much flim flam gimmickry and uneven quality for my taste.

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No sound, does the radio light up? Can you select the different inputs and have you checked for sound on all of them? Does the radio have any aftermarket amps attached to it and is it the OEM radio or an aftermarket radio? If you can’t answer these, then pay the dealer $900.

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It would be a shame to have a cheap aftermaket radio installed only to find out the dealers estimate was to replace the amplifier.

My son purchased 2 radios from Crutchfield, the first one lasted a little over a year. There was nothing wrong with the factory radio in his Pontiac, he replaced it to be able to play the music from his phone.

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Does the radio light up or is there no power? Are there other functions the radio is supposed to do? Does it perform any of them? If there’s no sound, the connection to the speakers might be the problem. I’m brainstorming since you didn’t provide a lot of information.

Check the speaker wires in the trunk. it could easily be a bad connection somewhere.

Crutchfield would be a good place to at least comparison shop. I’d rather buy a name brand product from them than some of the cheaper stuff. We had a clarion radio that we bought from them that was still working fine after 20+yrs in our 88 Grand Voyager.

How would you feel about buying a radio, replacing it, and having exactly the same problem with the new (or used) unit?

I’m not sure how well the problem was diagnosed by the “Dealership” (Toyota dealership?), but generally speaking, mechanics are not radio/electronics experts.

It really could be a fairly minor problem and unless you know that it’s specifically a bad radio then more effort needs to be put into diagnosing the problem.

There are plenty of suggestions for checking out an inoperative radio, online. What if it really was just a wire knocked off by loading something into the trunk or sliding something under the seat? Just asking …
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I will say my 2 bits. If you know for sure it is the radio. I know of a business in Florida. If you are able to safely and without damage remove the radio. You to could send to them for radio repair. I have seen Toyota Camry repairs on their website costing between $295 to $349. They might be able to do amplifiers as well.

Depending on what is wrong it could be low as $195. You would have to call them to get a more accurate quote. It would 2 to 4 weeks without the radio but you stay with your factory radio, amplifier, and save a boat load.

It is
Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

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Welcome to Car Talk…I would do a search for TSB -0024-20, T-SB-0003-19 and T-SB-0025-18 and see if a software upgrade will fix it. Not sure what radio you have hope is not like a computer monitor for the ECM (head control unit), those are expensive.