Replacement Radio for Mitsubishi Spyder 1999


Am looking for a replacemet stereo for my Spyder. Can anyone recommend a decent, cost effective, XM radio that I can have installed in my car? Need “real world” advice so I don’t get swayed by audio sales folks. Thanks!


Goto They can tell you EXACLTY what radios fit and what is needed and how hard of a job it is. They also have someone you can talk to who will guide you through the installation process. Great people to deal with.


I agree. Crutchfield is a great place to check out quality replacement car stereo equipment. Even if you buy from someone else, at least do some comparison shopping at Crutchfield.

You may also be surprised to find out how easy a do-it-yourself installation can be, and thereby save some money.


Great idea! I’ll check it out. Thanks for your response.


And may I suggest buying an adapter plug too rather than butchering the harness. An adapter plug gets spliced to your new unit right on the kitchen table with easy to follow directions and then you just plug the new unit into the original wiring harness. Saves lots of work and tons of wiring harness problems!


“And may I suggest buying an adapter plug too rather than butchering the harness.”

Crutchfield includes the adapter plug for free if you buy a head unit from them. I highly recommend them to anyone for that and many more reasons. They’ve always been very helpful on the phone both before and after the sale.