Nissan Power Lock

I have had my used '95 Nissan Sentra for about 3.5 years. A few months ago, my power lock switch stopped locking my doors. I could get it to unlock all of the doors, but not lock them. Them, while driving/sitting still, the locks would lock themselves.

Just the other day, I forgot to put my windows up and my car got soaked from a bad thunderstorm. Now, not only will the power lock switch not work, but the locks unlock themselves.

I’ve been told I might need to a) get a new relay or b) replace all of the switches.

How do I got about fixing this?

Hopefully you can fix this problem by just cleaning the switch contacts of the lock switch. You may have to get inside the door panel to get at the switch or there may be a way to remove the switch without having to do that.