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What's wrong with my 2005 Sentra door locks?

I just got a 2005 Nissan Sentra. It has manual door locks. When I turn the car on all the doors lock automatically When I turn the car off all the doors unlock automatically. The problem is that when I turn the car off to get out I have to individually relock each door. This can’t be right! The owners manual I looked up online said to put the key in the driver’s side door, lock it, return key to neutral position and lock again and all the doors should lock. This is not happening. What could the problem be? It’s a serious pain to have to lock each door by hand when I get out of the vehicle.

It clearly does NOT have manual locks.

Check the manual again to see if you can disable the automatic unlocking.

No remote key fob for the locks?

No remote key fob. No buttons in car to lock or unlock.

There is apparently something wrong with the switch in the driver’s door lock. Very possibly the wiring in the area where it runs from the door to the body has flexed so often a wire has broken. Alternately, it could be the switch itself.

I just looked up the owner’s manual. It appears that the procedure to lock all doors is to turn the key counterclockwise. The only reference to turning the key, returning it to neutral, then turning it again is the procedure to unlock all the doors.

Ok I guess I got that part mixed up. But I did try every which way to turn the key and it niether locks or unlocks all doors. Is there a way to check for broken wire outside of taking the door apart and just looking?

With no door lock switch on the door panels it seems that you do not have factory power door locks.

There were add-on kits to install power door locks and alarm systems, my 1996 Dodge has an add on power door lock with remote.

The remote is the key to this add on, without it you can’t make full use of the system. If you disconnect the module the door locks will no longer unlock when you switch off the ignition. If you are capable you could install a switch that allows you the lock and unlock the doors from the drivers seat.

This may actually be the factory system for people who did not pay extra for the power locks/windows option package. I worked for a company which had several Toyota Tacomas from the mid-2000’s as work trucks, and of course they had hand crank windows and no power locking button. However, the driver’s door was equipped with the power locking solenoid, because upon shifting the transmission into “R” or “D”, the door would automatically lock. Interestingly, the passenger door did not automatically lock.

I drove more than one of these trucks, and they all had the same behavior. There was no alarm or aftermarket security system installed.

I’m leaning towards the idea that this is an aftermarket system. It should be relatively easy to spot and disable. It will likely have an inline fuse that can be removed. If it’s not aftermarket, there should be a fuse in one of the fuse blocks that can be removed. There is one fuse block under the hood and one in the passenger compartment. Hopefully there is nothing else on this circuit.

20181105_131544 Any idea which fuse it might be?




For an add-on system it is probably that 30 amp fuse below the fuse block.

Thanks guys! That 30 amp fuse in the picture was part of the remote start system that was installed. There was another 30 amp you couldn’t see in the pic that needed to be removed as well. In any case the doors no longer unlock or lock when the car is turned on and off eliminating this really annoying problem. I lost use of the remote start, obviously, but it’s a good trade off.

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