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Nissan Micra trouble

I bought a nissan micra 2006 for over a month now, and everything was fine until two days ago while driving it started making this noise ( ) it does not change regardless of the speed or when I stop, and it does not flash any sign, the sound remained for few minutes after I switched my car off I had this issue during the morning and at night… any ideas?

It sounds like a defective radio. Pull the radio fuse and see if it goes away. Others may have a better clue for you so let’s wait and see.

If it continues for a few minutes after turning the car (and, I assume, radio) off, it may be a cooling fan problem. Stick your head under the hood and see what you can find out.

thank you for your help, it turned out to be a problem with the boot lock :slight_smile:

@noor2013…thanks for the feedback. Now I just have to find out what a boot lock is. I know it’s either a theft prevention tool on your wheel or the lock on your vehicle trunk.

Um… in other (Brits and their former colonies) parts of the world they call the trunk the boot.
Also the hood is the bonnet.