Weird buzzing noise

My car (toyota venza) recently developed some buzzing noise, here is a video recording

I tried to google around and did not find anything. Can someone please help?


All I hear in that recording is what sounds like normal “road noise”.

If anyone is to give you a good guess via cyberspace, the first thing that you need to do is to try to localize the sound and give us the circumstances under which you hear it.

Is it coming from the rear of the vehicle, or the front, or the middle?
Do hear the noise when the engine is idling, but the car is parked?
When you accelerate, does the noise get louder?
Does the noise change when you make a turn?

Sorry I did not make it clear, the buzzing noise occurs at 3-4 sec and 7-8 sec in the video.
The sound seems like it comes from front speakers. It only occurs at 25+ mph. Noise remains the same regardless of braking/accelerating. The noise does not change when I make a turn. The noise won’t come out until I drive it for around 10-20 mins, the noise seems to run away at warm temp. I cannot verify that right now because it is cold in northwast. Thanks

If I really strain my ears I think I hear what could possibly a loose catalytic converter shield intermittently buzzing. But I agree with @VDCdriver. It’s nearly impossible to tell.

I think, what I hear is a loose heat shield on the exhaust. As the engine warms, metals expand and may allow the piece to rattle.

These heat shields many times, rot away at the points where welds, bolts, or nuts held them down.

Here is a good explanation and fix for the ones around the exhaust piping .

There are others under the hood and below the engine bay that you can inspect too. If the hole where a bolt went rotted too big for the nut to hold them in place you cay buy "Fender Washers"
at any hardware store. to take up the space.


I did not hear much either, does it happen if you turn the radio off? Increase in volume with am radio?

I can definitely hear a buzzing sound just a few seconds in. I agree w/the others, it sounds like something in the exhuast system rattling, cat heat shield, exhaust manifold heat shield, or just a broken exhaust hanger allowing metal/metal contact.

I’m afraid you’re gonna have to drive this one up on ramps, slide underneath, and start shaking things. I agree with the general consensus that it sounds like a heat shield resonating. If it is the heat shield, Yosemite posted a good photo (I confess, I didn’t run the video) of what in my neck of the woods is the common and acceptable “fix”.

Thanks everybody. Really appreciate all the suggestions. It is kind to my surprise that a 2-year-old car has such a problem already =(. I guess I will have to jack up my car when the temp. goes warmer. Thanks again everyone!

Even at two years old, these things are only spot welded at the factory and vibration can easily break one of these welds, though not common this soon.
As @The same mountainbike; said in his post start shaking things from below and it should be pretty easy to find.


Two years old? Jeeze, I wish you’d have sais so up front!

A two year old system should not suffer from this. Anything that you yourself do to the vehicle may void warrantee coverage for some future problem. I recommend that you take the vehicle back under warranty and not mess with it yourself.

I really should blame toyota but consider the amount of salt getting in this winter in nyc (plus crappy road); so I dont know if I should still blame toyota.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the input.

If it is only 2 years old, shouldn’t the warranty still be in place? Why not let the dealer look at it? Factory defects do happen, that’s why they put on a warranty. They want you hsppy and will fix defects within the warranty period. Just, wow.