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What’s this sound about?

I have a strange sound that I can’t make out.  I just brought this Nissan infinity g35 in about a week ago and spent over $400 for a repair which I described as, please fix this noise.  Well a different noise is back now and I’m not sure what to do.  Engine problems?  Listen to clip and give me thoughts please.

Where is the noise?

It’s coming from the front of the car. Under the hood. Like a clanking, clucking, clicking sound. It’s much louder than the video suggests.

Only when the vehicule is in motion? Did you check under the hood for the noise?

Yes only when the vehicle is in motion.

Does it follow wheel rotation?How old is your car?

Yeah it seems like it does follow wheel rotation, however, it goes away when I’m up in the 60 mph and above range. The car is 2007 with 145k miles.

The sound is not loud enough for me to make a judgment, but one thing is very clear from your video:
One or more of your tires is very low on air, and that is a safety issue!

Yeah I don’t think it’s a tire that’s making that sound though. It’s a horrid clanking sound that sounds like the car is about to die :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t hear it on the video, but what’s being described makes me think it’s a bad CV joint. Does it vary with acceleration/deceleration and/or straight ahead and turning? If worse when turning sharply while accelerating, CV becomes more likely.

That is entirely possible, but it’s also entirely possible that you could have a tire blow-out, or at the very least, experience degraded handling/roadholding as a result of one or more tires being very low on air.
PLEASE don’t ignore this safety issue!

Alright, I’ll fill it up with air and see what happens.

Please bear in mind that I am not predicting a cessation of the noise once your tires are properly inflated.
I just hate to see people ignoring warning lights that are safety-related.

Any other thoughts about what the clicking noise could be? Kind of sucks because I rely on my car for income. No money for repairs right now.

Suggest to do a few experiments to determine if it is heard idling in the driveway, or only when moving. If only when moving, what speed range is it worst? Is it related to the transmission gear selected? Does it go away when coasting in neutral? Does it get worse when accelerating or decelerating compared to going at a steady speed? Does turning have any effect on the sound? If so, is turning one direction worse than the other?

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It’s not as present when idiling. It’s worst at lower speeds, like below 35 mph. It doesn’t seem to be affected by turns at all. I have automatic transmission. It’s present when both accelerating and decelerating.

The “no change when turning” suggests it probably isn’t related to an axle, CV joint, or the differential part of the transmission. Is that vehicle configured as FWD or AWD? What about coasting? What about when rev’ing the engine rpms when idling in the driveway? My guess at this point is a suspension or exhaust system problem, a part has come loose or has worn out. Brake problems or a rock in the wheel after that.

Ok, I’m not sure if it’s related, but gas is disappearing as well. Have gone from a quarter tank to empty a couple times recently when it shouldn’t have.

Just had brake pads replaced recently so it shouldn’t be that.

Possibly related. An exhaust system leak could cause that. Not super-likely though. Big exhaust leaks usually sound like firecrackers, bang, bang, not clanking or clunking. But it could be a small exhaust leak with no sound from that, but the exhaust components involved are rattling.

Could still be related. Maybe the brake job wasn’t done correctly, forgot to install the anti-rattle stuff, something has come loose etc. If this noise started after the brake work, good idea to check that all the wheel lug nuts are still there, and properly tightened. Check to see if the noise is affected when applying the brakes.