Ignition Problem/Electrical Problem


I am not sure if this is an ignition or electrical problem. I have noticed that recently when I turn the car off, I am getting a buzzing/motor/whoosh type of sound coming from the ignition. I have never noticed this before, and I am not sure what might be causing this? The car is a 2007 Acura TSX with 111k miles on it. The car starts fine and turns off fine.

Is this something I need the dealer to look at, or is this no big deal? Has anyone ever encountered this, and if so, what was it? I just hate to pay the dealer $129 to look at it and not be able to “duplicate it”.

Also, it ONLY makes this sound when you turn the car off, not if you just turn the key to the pre-start position, and then turn it off.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Have you replaced the battery ever? Dying batteries can do weird rhings. Stop by an auto parts place and get a free check. Step 1 in my book, Daughters was starting kind of slow, 65 cold cranking amps, vs 650 for a new battery.

Wow, never thought of that! I will definitely have that checked out! The battery is about 4 years old, so it could be about time to replace it.

Does this happen if you shut the car off in Neutral instead of Park? I suspect that the interlock that prevents you from turning the key to the lock position unless you’re in Park is acting up and getting stuck on.

Lion9car - I will have to give that a try tomorrow. Like I said, my wife just started noticing this, and I did hear it tonight as well. If this is the case, how do I fix the interlock? Is it something that needs to be fixed, or can I just leave it be?

Lion9car. I tried your suggestion. I get the same noise, but obviously I can’t remove the key while the car is in neutral. I am not sure what it is causing this sound. I checked around the area for any loose panels, plastic, etc. Everything seems secure. I really can’t think of anything else to do or check other than the battery - anyone?

“sound coming from the ignition” ??

why do you think that the ignition is the source of the sound ?

Could it be the anti-lock brake self-check, for example, although that should not occur at the times you indicate?

I would pop the hood and have the wife start and shut off the car a few times.

Maybe you can hear if it’s from the left or right side of the engine compartment. If you can pinpoint a little closer…holding your hand on the suspected part may allow you to feel the problem. Just keep your hands away from any moving parts.

Then find another Acura on a sales lot. Start it up and see if it makes the same noise.


Hopefully you can locate the source of the sound by listening and feeling for vibrations. You can also try pulling fuses in the dash fuse panel to see which one stops the noise. What you really need to locate though is the source of the power that is getting to the device making the noise. If power continues to be supplied to whatever is making the noise it will drain the battery. A weak battery won’t cause this kind of problem. Sometimes blocking diodes can go bad inside the alternator and back feed voltage to things. If removing the small wires going to the back side of the alternator stops the noise then you have found the path of the power source. The main alternator lead is always hot to the battery so be sure to disconnect the negative battery lead before doing any work on the main output lead of the alternator.