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Pathfinder Noise

2007 pathfinder makes a “clank” at 12mph everytime you start/stop. Only does it one time. The car has to be stoped and restarted to here it again. The dealer replaced the hubbs, this did not fix it. If you hold pressure on the brakes it will not make the noise untill you release the brakes. Is it possible that the anti-lock brack motor is making this noise? Is this normal?

Well it’s NOT normal. And if pressing the brake pedal eliminates the noise then I’d suspect the brakes. Did you tell the dealer this when you brought it to them?? Is the vehicle still under warranty??

Yes I told them everything that I posted here. It is still under warrenty. I talked to the dealer this morning and they told me that they drove one that was on the lot and it made the same noise. I find it hard to believe that Nissan would make cars with a buil-in clank. They ahve checked the brakes.

My 98 Pathfinder has anti-lock brakes…it doesn’t make the noise…I’d go to the dealer and have tell them to take you for a ride in one of the Pathfinders on the lot to prove that the noise exists on other Pathfinders.

I called a couple of other Nissan Service departments since starting this discussion and they both told me that it sounds like the anti-lock brake motor needs replacing. I do not want the dealer I purchased the car from touching it, so I am going to make an appointment with one of the others. After thingsa re resolved, I will contact Nissan and voice my displeasure with my dealer. Probably will not do any good, but at least I will get to “vent”. Thanks for your info.