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New truck, please with these options?

I’m exhausted from shopping on line = better than on foot in this one horse town, limited selections …
for a new truck that has everything, otherwise I’ll keep the money for repairs to my old one.

ANYONE buy a new truck this year that has any, even most of these wish list items?
2-door cab & half
sun/moon roof glass, open to fresh air … more = better
all wheel drive
weight to HP = 17 or less = fun to drive
automatic a plus
ability to haul 1 cu.yd. gravel
leather interior
something like RED exterior (so college drivers don’t hit me so much)

Most new truck websites , like , ( new , not used where you’re scrolling through existing inventory ) have a section for ‘‘build and price’’ or similar nomenclature.
Which allows you to spec out the vehicle you want first . . .
then let it search for a dealer that may already have one like that. .
or at least give you the retail price idea for that truck.

In the past, when wanting to buy new, I’ve always just special ordered it exactly my way.
These days however, car companies are dumbing down to ‘‘packages’’ or ‘‘models’’ and no more cafeteria ordering.

Gee, thanks Ken … have been doing that, ergo the “exhausted from shopping on line” reference in first line typed.
Thus far, in my “live well” for culling are
Ford Raptor @ $51k ?!?!?!?
Ford F150 XLT/better 301A option w/moonroof @ $38k (damn)
both Supercabs 2-door
and am getting the message that something smaller but sporty will do IF enough options are satisfied

It’s like plowing through ice hauling an anchor experience, a living hell, I tell ya’

I have never seen a factory sunroof in a pickup truck. Ever. You could always install an aftermarket one (if they still exist!) but having done this to one car, I do not recommend it.

All wheel drive? Not likely but you may find pushbutton automatic transfer cases which has a button for automatic 4WD. Not quite the same thing but it engages the front axle when the rear slips. It also uses more fuel than the 2WD setting.

Virtually every real truck can FIT a yard of gravel but considering it weighs 2600 lbs that requires a the upper end of 1/2 ton truck capacities.

Leather and red? No problem.

Your dream truck seems like a unicorn, I don’t think you will find this combo anywhere.

Sunroofs are now a factory option.

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Please visit the Ford site to see they offer at least a moonroof in Super Cabs & Crew Cabs this:
Within the SuperCrew® model, the available twin-panel moonroof provides a more expansive opening to the sky for all passengers.

All wheel drive @ Honda, 4-wheel drives easier to find

2001 F150 Reg Cab no frills version easily hauls 1 to 1.5cy crushed limestone gravel even now when old

that’s all from today’s shopping grind, maybe more enlightenment later … ugh

But @Mustangman is right, practically speaking. I just looked through several hundred in inventory in Dallas area, no sunroofs on the supercab. Didn’t look at the supercrew. Bet you’d be over $50k to find one with it.

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I did find the sunroof on the Ford website for the crew cab model but you wanted a cab and a half. Nice, but I’ve never seen one on an actual truck.

The Honda has AWD but putting even 1 cy of gravel in the bed exceeds the 1491 lb payload by a whopping 1100 lbs! It may hold it, you just shouldn’t haul it.

thanks read above shopping results thus far on line
obviously will have to settle for MOON instead of SUN

Raptor comes closest but DAMN the $51k … that’s what we paid for a new house build in 1980 !!!

What the heck-it’s a pickup truck not a Corvette with a box on the back.

You are really making this search difficult. I bought a Nissan Frontier SV extended cab with towing package and a nice list of options and did not really spend a fortune.

F150 2001 could haul a short distance 0.75cy gravel when most would be unloaded
so the Honda might do same but limited more to 0.5cy

Settle, settle, settle and pay more for the effort …

Beats the hauling capacity of your basic F100 Ford or mid-70’s Chevy C10 hands down hauling 0.75 cy. Progre$$!

Looking at that one now (Frontier) $34k moonroof 4x2, lots missing from wish list
but that’s what they are for + priorities become clearer
about 16.5#/hp = better than a Z24 Chvey @ 17 = fun to drive

Look at the bright side. At least with a pickup to haul your golf clubs the concern if they will fit in a Miata MX5 is gone.

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Good point, ergo the super/crew cab idea +
with so many co-ed on cell phones, they simply run over smaller cars and wonder what that bump in the road was
silver in the fog is invisible, so must have red or electric blue or something the fire dept uses

you read between the lines
and saw me trying to sell the sports car convertible golf chevy
and F150
both getting old & maybe needing to be replaced by ONE jack of all trades vehicle

I don’t know anything about trucks but a cubic yard of gravel is going to weigh between 2500 and 3000 pounds. At least that’s what the scales said my trailer weighed when they filled it up. So that’s over a 1 ton truck you all need.

the max payload rating for the f150 is a little over 3,000lbs.
you can get a sunroof with the super-cab but probably would need to be ordered,

The latest on line search results that has the fewest compromises to my wish list = $43k (ugh) but less than the Ford Raptor 4x4 (not AWD) over $52k/moonroof

HONDA 2017 Ridgeline AWD RTL-E 6-spd automatic 3.5L V-6
Scarlet ext. leather int. power everything, Moonroof, 18" alloy wheels, cruise, etc.
… so I make a few more trips with lighter loads to the landscape yard and maybe not work so hard between trips

that’s almost $10k saved with more wishes granted

almost another $10k can be saved with lots of wishes ignored in a Colorado, Canyon or Frontier