Pickup with moonroof?

Hi all,
Got a question for everyone. So I’m planning on buying a small pickup over the summer. Something like a Tacoma. My only issue is that I really want a moonroof. Never had one myself, but every time I have been in a car with one I have loved it. Is it possible to find a moonroof as an option on a light pickup? If not, can anyone give me a rough estimate on what it would cost to get an aftermarket? Would a dealer do this or would I go to a specialty shop?
Thanks all!

You can get a sunroof at jcwhitney.com for about $300. If you go this route make sure you measure three times and cut once. I had a 66’ Chevy Stepside with a sunroof in it some years ago. The previous owner had bought the kit at JC Whitney.

If, by ‘moonroof’, you mean a power one that slides, I don’t think you can get one aftermarket.

You wont find a factory one. I would look around for a shop that installs them. Yes you can get a power one if you want to spend the money.

You’re right, here’s a site that shows them for $1,200::
Note they have a Tacoma picture. But it’s a crew cab, don’t know if they’ll put them on one with a shorter roof.

I’m with “oldbodyman”…A manual aftermarket sun roof is unforgiving during installation. It isn’t like a window in a house you can install with extra wide molding if your measurements an’t exact. If you have any doubts on your part, farm it out to experience or forget about it.

Unless you have a crew cab, there is no place for the moonroof to move to. It would have to be one that tips up if it moves at all.

Roof leaks come at no extra charge…Virtually all aftermarket installations leak…

Caddyman is right. Install a moon roof and you get that old Willey’s Jeep connection.

I’d definitely get a sliding rear window too. That you can get as an option.
Or you could make it into a convertable.


When I had my Contour worked on by a local installer, the day I picked it up, it was raining. I think if it was gonna leak, that woulda been the time it would… No leaks that I could tell.

Give it time…

Caddyman why do you think a aftermarket sunroof/moonroof will leak? I have installed them and if there installed by a good tech they dont leak. I have one in hard top of my Jeep. been in there over 10 years no leaks yet. Its not a DIY job unless you have good skills.

I dunno if that pile of crap is still on the road or not. It was drinking antifreeze when I traded it in for my Civic, and nothing the mechanic did could seem to fix it. Plus, it’s 17 years old now, too(1995 model), so hard telling if it’s not in some junk yard right now.