New pickup needed

It’s time to get a new(ish) pickup. My 1999 Dodge Dakota has seen better days.
I’ve seen that consumer reports rates honda ridgeline the best. I don’t like it’s looks and the bed is really short.
I’d like a 6’(+) bed preferably. I’ve also been looking at the Ford Ranger.
I don’t want/need a full size pick-um-up truck, but I do haul stuff occasionally.
I’d like to spend around 25K but I don’t know if that’s possible anymore.

What’s another good mid size truck - reliable - 6’ft (or close) bed that people like here?

25000 ? Just look at the build your own features at all of the manufacture web sites . It will give you all of the trim level base prices and specs .

I don’t consider the Ridgeline a real truck . Also this is one of the worst times to be buying any vehicle , used or new . have you not seen that there is a shortage of vehicles ?

As for what people like . Some only would have a Ford and some would only have a General Motors product . Same goes for any brand.

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I’d go to, put in your wants on an ‘advanced search’, and see what pops up. I found 86 extended cab pickups within 150 miles of me for $20=$25k, 2010 or newer, including a number of Tacomas.

You might be able to get a new 2wd truck for 25k, not sure. I bought a new f150 4x4 for 30k less than 2 years ago. That was with a trade in of an old ranger with a rusted out frame.

A friend had a Dodge Dakota for many years and it fit his needs. My son had a Toyota Tacoma 4WD and is very happy with it.

GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado might be found a few years old for that price .

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If you don’t need the rear seats and a few other things a Tacoma xtended cab 4cyl with the utility package (stripped down black bumper spec) is around $25,000. Have a friend who uses his to haul stuff between his rental properties so behind the seats is all tool boxes and storage, Might be harder to find but the Colorado with a 6ft bed is also possible at around $25,000

You need to think about what you haul and how much it weighs. Your current truck is rated for around 1400 pounds. There are lots of “small” trucks out there these days that can’t haul nearly that much. Also think about any towing you might intend to do.

Once you have that figured out, you won’t go wrong if you can find a Tacoma with the specs you need. Just look at the frame carefully - there was a recall on those for premature corrosion. The really good finds are the ones that had the recall performed because they got new frames.