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New Truck

Love your show, OK I have the luck of being able to buy a pick up truck (company) of my choice. Wow! there are some nice trucks availble. I drive about 36 miles round trip to work everday, I get my fuel for free but would like to show my company I have made a wise decision in regards to MPG. It will never leave the road, 2wd will be fine. Must be a pick up. I can spend up to $35,000. Oh yeah I have a family of 1 boy and 3 dogs.

Wow, you are fortunate. I’ve been pretty intrigued by the new Toyota Tundras myself. Not sure on the MPG, but I don’t think it’s all that bad given the 6 speed transmission. I’m also a big fan of the new Chevrolet Silverados. I know from past experience they tend to be pretty easy on the gas consumption. Either way, I suspect the dealership of your choice will bend over backwards to sell you one right now given our economy. Enjoy.

If you’re gonna be using your bed a lot, I’d suggest a new Ford F150.
The 09 models have 2 options that could come in real handy. 1 is a step that slides in and out of the tail gate with a bar that’ll prop up for you to hold on to and 2 is a step that tucks under the side of the bed that pop out so you can climb on the side of the bed as well.
under capability

Are you shopping for a full-size?

Ford and Chevy a having a fire sale on their trucks. You can start at around $12,000 for a full-size and go from there. Stick with the people that know trucks!

What will you use it for? Are you carrying a load of some sort? How heavy? are you towing something?