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New battery, new electrical problems

I just had the battery replaced in my 2016 Mazda CX-5, and now some electrical things aren’t working such as the auto-down feature on the driver’s side window. Any advice on how to restore these functions? Thanks.

Two things 1. Look on your menu program for settings 2. You still under warranty .

The owners manual explains how to initialize the power window, it is routine after disconnecting the battery.

Power window system initialization
If the battery was disconnected during
vehicle maintenance, or for other reasons
(such as a switch continues to be operated
after the window is fully open/closed), the
window will not fully open and close
The power window auto function will
only resume on the power window that
has been reset.

1 Switch the ignition ON.
2 Make sure that the power window lock
switch located on the driver’s door is
not depressed.
3 Press the switch and fully open the window.
4 Pull up the switch to fully close the
window and continue holding the
switch for about 2 seconds after the
window fully closed.