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Ghost in my car!

We just bought a used 2007 Mazda CX-7 in Dec 2010. Three times that I’ve parked the car, only me, no witnesses, and used the remote lock & alarm set, I’ve come back to car after shopping to find the two front windows down. The first time I thought I must have left them down but it’s happened two more times, twice when it’s been at night and cold so that I would not be driving with windows down. Have you heard of this with this make and model? What do you think?

Roll the windows up and lock the car.
Standing near the car, push and hold the unlock button on the remote and see what happens after a couple of seconds.

If you think that’s something, read your owner’s manual. It covers that and many other things you don’t know about your car.

I’ve read about this a couple of times on the CX7 board, but can’t recall what it was right off hand. It might be something as simple as replacing the battery on the remotes, I’ll check around.

The windows rolling down is when you hit the unlock button twice and hold it on the 2nd push.

edit: OK, try this:
On the driver’s door, press and hold the buttons down(individually) for 5 seconds, then hold up for about the same amount of time, you should hear a clicking noise once it happens.

Also, join up with us over at for anything else you might want to know. some of the members can get pretty gruff, but we’re a tight nit group.

Thank you so much. You’re right. I feel better knowing that the windows were only open while I was walking back to the car and unlocking the doors! I thought I read the manual but am going to sit down with it again.