2020 Subaru Legacy - Window goes up, window comes down on its own

driver side window rolls up 1/3 then reverses back down

you can try this on that window even if you did not change your battery. it just might need a reset to fix it.

How to Reset a Car’s Automatic Window After Replacing the Battery (wikihow.com)

Please tell us how you voided your bumper to bumper warranty.


Take it to the dealer and have them look at it since it’s still under warranty.


Initializing the power window won’t void the warranty, the instructions are in the owners manual.

Good advice above to let the dealership handle anything beyond the manual’s reset procedure. If that doesn’t do the trick, could be a wire has shorted out. Usually that occurs where wires from inside the door go into the car’s body, in the door hinge area. Generally it’s the driver’s door. Due to warranty issues, don’t do anything yourself beyond a visual inspection.

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