Power Window - 99 Camry

I am having trouble with my driver’s side power window going down without my pushing the button. After turning the car off and restarting, I was able to get it back up, however, it continues. Could this be caused by the window motor wearing out or short circuit somewhere? Thanks, Janice

It’s possible the regulator is faulty.

The door panel will need to come off to inspect.

Can you tell if the window motor is powering the window down or do you think it is falling down? I am asking to rule out unintended activation of the window motor.

The window motor is powering it down. It seems that if I activate the window, it goes all the way down and won’t come back up when I try. However, I find that if I turn the car off and then restart it, I can then activate it and it powers back up.

The switch for the window may have a problem or possibly the module for the automatic roll down.