Power Window problem

I replaced the battery in my 06 Lexus RX 330. Drivers window works, but none of the passenger windows nor the sunroof will operate. IS this someting thatI can fix or will it require a trip to the dealer to reprogram the computer or brain?

The trouble is most likely in the driver’s control panel. There is no computer involved with the operation of the windows. You can work on this but you should have a good wiring diagram, test light probe, and patience if you do work on this yourself. The lock switch may be causing the trouble.

You may have to bring it in to the dealer so a module can be reprogrammed. Modern vehicles have many computers and modules that can result in operational problems when the battery is disconnected.

You can read what kind of problems can occur when the battery is disconnected here. http://www.aa1car.com/library/battery_disconnect_problems.htm


"There is no computer involved"
Wrong. There are microprocessors that measure motor current, among other things.

sounds like the lock out switch/button is depressed. Have you checked that on the driver’s window controls?

Yes I checked the "lock: button on the drivers door. At lunch, I was able to get the drivers rear and front pax windows to work. Rear Pax is still not working. Sunroof bottons are now working, but the function seems sluggish?

There is a SET button under the drivers dash. Does anyone one know what it’s for?

Hey Tester, thanks for the link. GEEZ! What a potential mess, and all for a dead battery!

You need to reprogram the windows auto up and down feature. Have you tried to lower the windows at the individual switches instead of the master? Make sure the window lock is disabled at the drive window first. The windows should work, but not have the auto up and down feature when the indivdual swithces are used. Lower the window all the way down(keep your finger on the button the entire time) and keep your finger on the switch for a few seconds after the window is down. Raise the window and again hold it for a few extra seconds after it reaches the top. Do this at each door window switch. Do the same thing with the sunroof.