New 2015 Mercedes E350 wagon doors would not open keylessly and alarm went off when opened with key

The day after I took delivery, I tried to open the new wagon’s doors (it has a keyless feature) and nothing happened. I tried again and still nothing happened. I then took the smartkey out of my pocket and tried to click open the locks and nothing happened. I then took the ancillary key out of the smartkey and unlocked the car manually. This set off the alarm which would only stop when I closed the door and relocked the car. Also, the car would not start. It was like I had broken in to the car. A few minutes later, while waiting for roadside assistance to speak with me, I tried the door handle again and discovered that the doors would now open keylessly. I have driven the car several times since the incident (which occurred yesterday) and it has not repeated the problem.

Any ideas about what caused the problem?
Is this a one time glitch or am I in danger of being stranded somewhere?


There’s not much to think about

Read the owner’s manual, at least in regards to the keyless entry feature and the key fobs

Then head to the dealer to speak with your service advisor

it sounds like various control modules in the car did not recognize the key fob, at least not initially

You didn’t by any chance get the windows tinted did you?

Three words come to mind in regard to resolving the OP’s problem:

Owners Manual

Mercedes dealerships claim in their advertisements to have superb customer service. This is your chance to determine if that claim is true or not. Let us know.


I’d bring it in for service. I suspect they won’t end up recreating it and fixing it now, but you want this on the record in case you eventually need to make use of the lemon law.