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VW Golf -- Alarm!

Long story. I have a 2000 VW Golf and a while ago, I super-glued my electronic key to keep it from falling apart. The key battery died and now when I manually unlock the door and attempt to start the car, my alarm goes off. I can turn the car on fully, but the alarm continues to blare. I placed an order for a new key because they’re unable to open the battery compartment (see superglue incident). Until then, is there a way to avoid tipping off the alarm every time I start the car? A Triple AAA guy told me a while ago that my car computer may have become adapted to only deactivating the alarm with the unlock button on my key and since that is out of battery, I’m in trouble…Thanks!

What does the owners manual say about unintended alarms? I think AAA is wrong. You are probably missing a step somewhere in silencing it. This is one of the reasons I don’t like alarm systems. It’s like locking a voice command pit bull in your house to stop thieves. If you come home one day with laryngitis the dog is going to treat you like any other person that he perceives as a threat. I like to be in control of any aspect of my house or vehicle. This is the only thing I could find on a 2000 Golf:

Answer:You may have a problem with one of your door latches. The way you can figure it out is: Turn the dome light on position door open, close all doors and then open a door one by one. If the dome light doesn’t turn on, the latch is the problem. If the dome turns on the latch is okay. On your car the alarm is part of the body Comfort system and cannot be disengaged. I hope this will help.

Do you only have one key? I believe it came with three.