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Door Lock

I am having issues with my door lock and don’t know how to proceed.

I have a keyless entry which, a few months ago, I accidentally washed in my washing machine. Also, I can’t use the physical key to unlock my driver’s side front door because, apparently, someone tried to break the lock. There’s neither a front passenger side lock nor a trunk lock.

The lock and unlock buttons on my keyless entry won’t lock or unlock my doors anymore as of this week. The button to pop the trunk still works. Getting into my car has been a problem since the physical won’t work anymore in the lock since it was (apparently) vandalized. I can’t just keep the doors unlocked, either, because since the presumed vandalism of the lock, the doors sometimes automatically lock after I walk away from the car. Yesterday, I had to get into my car four or five times by popping the trunk and crawling through the backseat, and then unlocking one of the back doors, which, after opening, resulted in the car alarm going. (I was in neighborhoods where I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the windows down.)

What should I do that would be the least expensive solution to my problem? Could it be I just need a new batter in my keyless entry or something? Thank you in advance for your help.

In my opinion, it is time to bite the bullet. Check with a trusted (one who you personally know or is known by someone you already trust and ask them what they suggest. A dealer or a lock shop, would be my first place i would try.

I am guessing that washing you smart key, is the current cause.

Good Luck