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Need transmission help

I need some advice removing a transmission out of a 2008 mustang v6. I am trying to remove the transmission from the bell housing. It has 4 bolt. All removed It will will not come apart. It will come out only about 3 centimeters and it will turn from left to right about the same. I think is is caught on something. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this thing apart? I have been trying to get it apart for 2 days.

Little back story I am removing this to fix the throw out / slave cylinder. The clutch pedal was on the floor. The only think I can think of is the clutch is engaged.


your clutch will be indeed engaged - no questions about that, this is normal for clutch to remain engaged, unless you press the pedal to the floor

before going drastic measures like transmission removal, I would carefully check on clutch hydraulics

your problem can be as simple as fluid leak due to worn seals for example
on my first car I had clutch hydraulics cylinder on clutch to simply fall off due to loose bolts :slight_smile:

you do not want to remove transmission unless it is really needed

Your throwout bearing may be damaged and that may have worn a groove into the trans input shaft housing. This car uses a combined throwout bearing and slave cylinder rather than a clutch fork so if you have hydraulic problems the trans must come out.

Be sure and support the trans with a jack - don’t let the weight hang and expect to slide it out! Make sure it is not catching on anything you can actually see (Doh!). A buddy on the other side of the trans to help wiggle would be useful, too.

It may help to have a buddy IN the car on the clutch pedal pushing it partway or all the way in while you try and slide the trans out. That alone should push the trans backwards. Maybe enough to pop it free. Don’t pry on the “ears” that bolt to the bellhousing but a little pry while you wiggle it around and it should come out.

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I have a jack under the bell and a trans jack under the trans. I have tried every method of leverage and wiggling. That I can think of but my problem is I don’t want to use to much force as to bend anything. can you suggest any tricks?

You have to remove the bell housing from the engine to remove the transmission.

Once you take it apart, you’ll see why.


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I found these bolts atop the trans. Facing down.

I the reason I am doing it this way is because this is what I was told by the shop that replaced my clutch. Why are you saying different?

Because the clutch can’t be replaced unless the bell housing is removed.


Sounds like a miscommunication. “Remove the transmission” always means “by separating the bell housing from the engine.”

not replacing the clutch replacing the throw out bearing. which yes i know i still have to remove it but like i said its stuck too. I am doing it this way to try and make it easier

I believe the clutch slave cylinder/release bearing is bolted to the transmission input bearing housing and it is too large to fit though the hole in the bell housing. You must remove the slave cylinder before separating the bell housing from the transmission.

Here’s the clutch kit for your vehicle.

You have to remove the transmission/bell housing to replace these components.

Including the hydraulic slave cylinder/throw-out bearing.


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I dont need the clutch replaced. I have a new clutch in there I am replacing the throwout bearing

the slave cylinder is inside the bell housing

That’s right and you are trying to pull it through the hole in the bell housing, I don’t think it is going to fit.


Thanks for the advice but not entirely sure you understand the question.

Perhaps not, I haven’t worked on a Ford in years.

Do you know if the slave cylinder is bolted to the transmission (input shaft retainer) or to the bell housing? If it is bolted to the transmission do you think it can be pulled though the hole in the bell housing?

I reviewed the transmission removal procedure for all 3 manual transmissions for this vehicle and all of them showed to remove the transmission with bell housing from the engine first, then to remove the slave cylinder and then remove the bell housing from the transmission.

You are not understanding the answers.


The slave cylinder is inside the bell housing

Fantastic, we are on the same track.