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Cant get manual transmission out of fwd vehicle

so I’ve completely disconnected the transmission from the engine. now ive run into the problem of having no room to pull it out from. what is the method of removing these kinds of transmsions.

The Milan is the same as the Ford Contour.

The engine/transmission cradle has to be lowered to remove the transmission from the engine.

Unless you know somebody who knows how to weld.


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its a 2006

The engine, transmission, engine cradle(frame) and sometimes most of the front suspension and steering all come out the bottom of the car in one piece, then you can separate the transmission from the engine

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The Mark I and II Jaguar sedans from about 1957 to the mid sixites had the same “feature”. In 1967 or so I put a clutch in a 10 year Jaguar sedan. There was no way the front subframe would come out and back in as all the fasteners were rusty and we had no way to lift the car high enough. I cut the transmission tunnel out replaced the clutch and welded the tunnel back.

Years later, we converted a Mark I from auto to manual. We removed the engine first. It was almost vertical to clear the front body work and looked like a missle coming out of a silo.

Huge difference. RWD Jag vs FWD Merc. Transmission tunnel vs frame rail. Cut sheet metal or cut structural member.