Got a transmission issue

Son in law removing transmission and says he can’t get bell housing past firewall. Says there isn’t a inspection plate on bell housing. Is a 4x4. He says that trans comes out first and then torque. I say that there is an inspection plate to remove torque from flywheel first. I haven’t seen it. Who is right?

Well he is obviously doing something wrong and he should invest a few dollars in a repair manual before he screws something up.

Don’t be surprised if the engine and tranny must be removed as a unit from the front. Like Xebadah said, don’t do these things without a shop manual.

If it’s indeed a closed bell-housing, then the torque converter does indeed stay on the flex-plate when the engine and tranny are separated… Good Luck…

You are right, he needs to remove the bolts from the flex plate to the converter to get that trans out…