Need expertise regarding 2001 Dodge 3500 truck

Would like to know how to turn off maintenance required light. Thanks.

Your owner’s manual should have the procedure.

I am going right out to check…thanks for your response

Maintenance book says…go to dealer to turn off. trying to avoid that 75. turn off

Usually, all the Dodge models, of that era, will have the same procedure. Check with someone else who has a Dodge.

i don’t believe you have a maint req’d light that is resettable.

is this a “check engine light” is it red or yellow?

isit solid or flashing?

on my chrysler this is an orange light. it is triggered by many things.

low brake fluid, low washer fluid, low gas, i ran through a puddle and the alternator got wet and it was on for about a half day till it got dried off.

make sure all your fluids are full. make sure the gas cap is on tight.