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Check engine light on 2001 Dodge Dakota (P0700 code)


About once a week, my truck accelerates very slowly until I reach second gear. When this happens, the engine light comes on afterward, and shows a P0700 code. After a day or so, it goes off. About a week later, this repeats itself.

I took it to my mechanic, and he supposedly read the more advanced codes and ended up replacing the Transmission Control Module. This cost me about $700.

Within a day of getting it back, the same thing happened again. I took it back to him, and he told me that the TCM did need replacing, but that there was something else. After keeping the car about 4 days, he replaced the PCM (Powertrain Control Module?) for another $600.

Within a few days, the exact same problem occurred again! Now he has it, and took it to a Dodge Dealer who said that if those two things have already been replaced, then it must be the valve body.

I’m no mechanic, and I’m just looking for advice… does this seem reasonable to have already replaced these two parts before finding the problem? Is it possible that neither of them needed replacing? Should I let him replace the valve body?

P0700 is a generic “the transmission computer has detected some sort of problem” trouble code. Your mechanic was clearly just throwing parts at it, at your great expense. Retrieve your truck from this joker!

Any idea what the transmission-specific codes were/are? Any warranty on the work?