Check engine light

Dodge 1995, Dakota, magnum V-6, 230,000 miles…check engine light on but all fluid levels are okay…any ideas??

Get the codes read. Some auto parts stores, like Autozone and O’Reillys do it for free. There are lots of sensors and devices monitored by these ODB-II computers, and getting the codes read is the first step to finding the problem. Get the exact code, like P0132, and post it here for some objective advise.

Also, check to see if the gas cap is all the way on. This is generally the first thing the owner’s manual tells you to try. A loose gas cap sets off a evap fault code.

You can retieve the troubles by operating the ignition switch. Cycle the ignition switch three times from OFF to ON, leaving the switch in the ON position on the last cycle. The Check Engine light will start to flash out the codes.

Here’s the definitions of the codes.


dear tester,
hey thanks for the useful info. I went out and I think I’ve got the idea…after the third on…the check light stays on for 2 sec and then pauses and then flashes the sequence. and then it ends with five-pause-five flashes.

So hey, thanks
Dakota Blue