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Change Oil light won’t turn off

2001 Chevy Silverado check oil light wont turn off after oil change. I have tried turning the key to run, pumping accelerator 3x The message flashes and then turns off, but still returns when I start the truck again. Any suggestions?

It sounds like you’re doing exactly what the manual says, so at this point I’d take it to a dealer’s service department. You could also post this on a Chevy/GM pickup truck forum, maybe somebody has run into this problem before.

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“Check engine oil level” indicates that the oil level is low, this is different from the “Change engine oil” message.

The title says change oil. I get the change oil soon on startup. I have a check engine light for small evap leak, waiting to see if I keep the car until near the time I need emission testing. I know the level and oil is good as it went off day after a change, and oil level was fine. I ignore it. Do you have a service engine soon light?

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Hey! I did it again and it worked!! Whew!! Thanks for the support!!

my 2000 is pump the pedal 5x, I believe. I may be just doing to two too many times, though

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Good idea still to double check the oil level on the dipstick. If that’s ok and the warning light turns on again the sensor that detects this problem may be faulty. That’s something an experienced shop can easily diagnose.