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Mysterious Water Leak Into Car

I am trying to find out what could cause water to leak onto the front carpet of a 1995 Olds Acheiva from under the dash. It is not coolant. Testing with a power washer didn’t cause a leak, only rainwater. I’m thinking this is a problem common to this body style and wondering if anyone else has had this and what it turned out to be.

Do you have a sunroof? If so, there are usually drain lines running through the front and rear pillars that can get blocked. I’ve heard that they can be cleaned with string trimmer line, although I’ve never done it myself.

No sunroof but thanks for quick reply!

The AC drain line can get plugged and the evaporator water will leak from the ducting. You can clear the rubber tube that runs through the firewall with compressed air or a pipe cleaner.

That makes sense, this is a friend’s car that I had sold him a couple years ago, and I am suprised he didn’t check into this. He will now, I just told him about this reply. And thanks for this reply!

If this only happens after a rain, then I would look at the drain holes in the bottom of the passenger side door. If they get plugged up with debris, the water will spill over into the car.

If it is in the passenger footwell, it could be coming in through the cabin air filter. I had a 1998 Buick Regal and that was my problem. If the Achieva has a cabin air filter, there is a rubber gasket on the bottom of the windshield, under the plastic trim panel covering the bottom of the windshield. The gasket diverts water to either side of the cabin air intake. If it comes off the windshield, water flows into the cabin air filter, the into the blower motor. When the blower motor fills up, water overflows into the passenger footwell.