Mysterious Windows on Cadillac SRX

Has anyone experienced all of the windows were down after parking the car for some time?

Sounds like an electronic glitch instead of an option for cooling down the vehicle,

If you check your Owner’s Manual, I am confident you will discover that there is a method of lowering the windows via the remote control/key fob. What is undoubtedly happening is that the remote/fob is having pressure placed on it in exactly the right way when it is in a pocket or a purse, and that remote lowering of the windows is the result.

Please read all of the details relating to the remote/fob in your Owner’s Manual, and then report back to us on what it says about remote lowering of the windows.


VDC may well be right.
When I first bought my car, I was having a problem with the horn beeping after I’d park the car in the garage and go in the house at night. I ultimately discovered that something in my pocket was pressing the “Intruder Alert” button on my key FOB when I sat down. I changed the stuff in my pockets around and the problem was solved.

Yes, I sometimes “butt dial” my cars while sitting at the computer. I can shut off the alarm in two honks, which is pretty quick for an old guy.