2020 Honda Civic Sdn - Windows go down

Window go down by them selves

2020 should still be fully warranted. Please tell us what your dealer says caused it when they fix it.

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If this can be done from the keyfob, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re not accidentally pressing those buttons when the fob is in your pocket.


The OP should carefully read the section in his Owner’s Manual regarding the remote functions. I am about 90% sure that it will list the remote window-lowering function of his keyfob/remote unit. The solution is to keep the keyfob/remote out of pockets and purses where pressure can be applied to the buttons.

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It’s a known issue. Ideally, there would be a menu setting to prevent the fob from rolling the windows down but there isn’t. Much easier to make owners think it’s their fault. You don’t get to be the #5 automaker in the US by accepting liability. You can buy a Faraday pouch on Amazon (and probably elsewhere) that will eliminate the problem. And when it comes time to replace your Civic, maybe keep this experience in mind. For more reading: Honda Civic Owners report strange goings on in the night | Torque News