2021 Buick Avenir - Windows go down on their own

Having issues where we go out and all the windows are down? Anyone else have this happen?

Take your key fobs out of your pocket.

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What does your dealership say about your car that should still be under warranty?

Post back with the dealerships explanation.


Why fuss with the dealer when there is plenty of people on car talk that can just keep guessing until it’s fixed? :rofl: :rofl:


Even if someone has that problem the chance that they will see this post is really low. As stated you have a warranty at least get it on record before your warranty expires.


No experience with your car, but Ray M (co-host of Car Talk) mentioned similar problem he had during the radio show. One morning, leaving home for work, he found his car’s engine was already running, parked in the driveway. Turned out he had inadvertently pressed the button to turn it on with key fob he kept in his pants pocket while getting dressed.

Seems no one wants to explain the condition; the windows can be lowered using the remote keyless entry transmitter. Yes, many people have had this occur and people are reading your question.


Would you spend half a day visiting a dealer for something anyone on Car Talk can explain?

One of my dingbat service writers wrote on a repair order “Customer spotted a black helicopter fly overhead, then found all four windows down on her car”. I asked the service writer if she would like to demonstrate to the customer how the RKE transmitter can lower the windows, or should I really look into this black helicopter problem? She often had customers sitting in the lounge for 2 hours waiting for their vehicle to be dispatched to a technician to repair things that were not broken.


No need for a special trip, just ask when in for the oil change.

Your first reply implied that the dealer should have already been involved, now this can wait 6 months.

People treat a problem like this as urgent, they don’t sleep easy when they find their vehicle unlocked. Understanding the feature is usually all that is needed.

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For the sake of clarification, if the OP refers to his/her Owner’s Manual for an explanation of key fob functions, it will almost surely state that pressing one or more of the buttons for an extended period of time will lower the windows remotely. If you keep your key fob in your pocket, you can accidentally cause this to happen, and–IMHO–this is the likely cause of the OP’s “problem”.

I knew this industry had turned a corner several years ago when I saw an ad for a service advisor that stated “No automotive experience necessary.”

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